The Rise

Eight stunningly constructed townhouses, located in Pontcanna's greenbelt in Cardiff

The brief.

Eight stunningly constructed townhouses, located in Pontcanna’s greenbelt in Cardiff, are situated along the Llandaff fields and just a 5-minute drive from the heart of Wales’s capital. These properties, each priced over 1 million pounds, required marketing materials that reflect their luxurious nature.

Easy Avocado was tasked with providing a new type of experience for a new type of property. ‘Be one of the eight’ means absolute exclusivity and expectations were on par with this. Easy creative team was required to harness the content provided and package this up within a website and brochure which exuded quality and commitment.

Brand & Identity Design

Web & Digital Design

Print Design

UI/UX Design

What they needed.

Through several 1-2-1 scoping sessions, research and project appraisals the branding and marketing content were tailored to match the project requirements.

Copy, location content and imagery, lifestyles and demographics were all considered on the quest for the perfect marketing package.

Our solution.

Logo design

The Easy Avocado team were tasked with creating a suite of marketing material for this
exclusive development to promote the sale of the properties before site completion. Imagery, animation, branding, and websites formed just some of the content required to assist with the marketing of the Hamilton.

Brand alignment

Design should work hard to communicate what’s special about you, connecting with your target audience and telling your brand story. It’s important that your visual content aligns with the aspirations of the brand.

A well-thought-out approach means we’ll know the business’ aspirations and goals, and this will help us deliver an outstanding visual story.


Web & Digital Design

We helped create a simple and effective brochure-type website, aligned with their new branding and visuals it made for an effective user experience.

Here at Easy Avocado, our team can help you create the perfect online presence.