Vieo Systems

The modern alternative to traditional metal roof and walls.

The brief.

Vieo Systems provides the aesthetic of time-honoured materials like lead or zinc and is manufactured by Euroclad using the latest technology. CGI and graphic services were required to design a new brand identity for Vieo. That included a logo design, print design and imagery. It is crucial to communicate a brand’s story and unique selling point through visual identity and design, as well as connecting with its target audience. Creating a visual identity goes far beyond just designing a logo.

Brand & Identity Design

Print Design

UI/UX Design

What they needed.

Design should work hard to communicate what’s special about you, connecting with your target audience and telling your brand story. It was important that the visual content aligned with the aspirations of the brand.

Vieo needed a well-thought-out approach that would communicate the aspirations and goals, and this will help us deliver an outstanding visual story.

Our solution.

Utilising the CGI team at Do Digital Agency, we were able to create a strong brand identity that included engaging content.

The logo

A brand is more than just its logo, but the logo is also at the forefront of the business. It is what people first see and it is the first impression of any company. Collaborating with the client, we decided on a sleek, minimal typography-based logo. They needed something simple but punchy. Vieo’s iconic brand was influenced by the nature of their facades and bridging the gap between metal work and modern practices.

The Print

To accompany Vieo’s new brand, they needed brochures, booklets and other various marketing materials that they can send out with ease to manufacturers and buyers, whilst still illustrating the consistency and professionalism of their brand.


With the help of the talented artists at DoDA we took the Vieo brand to the next level by creating infographic-styled videos of their products. These useful tools have been sent out to client and manufacturers with great success and feedback about this modern way of showing off what they do.

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