Blak Interiors

A start-up fashion brand needed a simple but effective visual identity.

The brief.

Blak Island is a start-up fashion brand that needed a visual identity. They tasked us with creating a simple, elegant but impactful design to help them make their mark on the industry.

Brand & Identity Design

Print Design

What they needed.

After conducting research and scoping sessions, we identified that the logo needed to symbolise the purpose of the brand. People wanted to look at the brand and instantly get a sense of what they do and who they are.

Our solution.

We came to the conclusion that an abstract representation of a mountain would capture the brands active purpose, but also show they are modern and different.

The line style mark was created, and the simple Helvetica typeface sits nicely alongside. The shape is neat and compact making it effective and fitting for various uses. For the colour palette we chose a monochromatic approach, making it adaptable.

Web & Digital Design

We assisted in the development of a straightforward and efficient website in the form of a brochure, which was in line with their updated branding and visuals, resulting in a favourable user experience.

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