Fast-growing stage visualisation

The brief.

Smartstage required a distinctive and visually appealing brand package to increase its visibility and attract new clients. The brief was straightforward – create a sleek and modern set of logos suitable for both digital and physical environments.

Brand & Identity Design

Web & Digital Design

UI/UX Design

What they needed.

The visuals as a whole needed to be simple, the overall aesthetic and guide was made to represent professionalism. The logo needed to work on a plethora of different mediums, meaning the mark itself had to work in small and large spaces, online and off.

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Effective visualisation drives business growth, and CGI is a highly impactful advertising investment. Working with our friends at DoDA, we offer a personalised design experience, leveraging our boundless creativity to deliver designs that surpass those of typical design companies.

Our solution.

Brand & identity design.

The design of the letter “S” was inspired by sharp lines and advanced 3D technologies whilst also showing off that their speciality is stage visualisation. The colours blue and white was introduced into the primary logo to encourage trust and confidence.  Learn how you can ‘3dfy’ your brand here.

Web & Digital Design

We helped create an effective website, aligned with their new branding and visuals which made for an effective user experience.

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