Enchanted Creations

Constructing imaginative sanctuaries.

The brief.

Enchanted Creations is a company that constructs imaginative sanctuaries – Play Houses for carefree childhood fun, Garden Rooms for work that feels like leisure, and Glamping Retreats that offer one-of-a-kind staycations. The Easy Avocado team was tasked with creating a striking brand, including a fully comprehensive brand identity. The use of elegant fonts and a brand design based on geographical topical lay lines.

Brand & Identity Design

Print Design

What they needed.

Due to the scale of this company, they needed a strong brand presence that they can adapt and use effectively across a wide range of platforms. They needed rules and a document they could refer too for quick design decissions.

Our solution.

Our design approach is based on a comprehensive brand guideline document. This document ensures consistency and coherence in how a brand is portrayed across all materials and platforms. It clearly outlines the use of key brand elements such as logo, colours, typography, images, tone, and messaging.

This promotes a unified brand image, boosts recognition and recall, and guarantees consistent, effective branding over time. Adhering to a brand guideline specification can enhance brand recognition and foster customer trust and loyalty.

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