Beach House

Sirena Bay Hotel

The brief.

Beach House is a Historic building that is being refurbished into a hotel for visitors of Cyrpus to stay, relax and sock up the sun. Nestled along the coastline and steeped in heritage, Beach House stands as a rare gem protected by stringent building regulations, offering guests an exclusive retreat right on the beach! The owners of Beach House came to us with the goal of creating a luxury brand that captures the history and wonder of Sirena Bay.

Brand & Identity Design

Web & Digital Design

UI/UX Design

What they needed.

For the Beach House brand, we were tasked with crafting a visual identity that seamlessly blended with the serene allure of Sirena Bay. Our first step involved diving deep into the local hospitality scene, understanding the unique flavors and vibes that define it. Armed with this knowledge, our goal was clear: create a brand that resonated with the laid-back crowd seeking relaxation, sunshine, and good times. But here’s the kicker—the brand had to complement, not overshadow, the natural beauty of the bay. It needed to be like the perfect sidekick, enhancing the experience without stealing the spotlight from the breathtaking surroundings. So, we set out to design a visual language that exuded warmth, tranquility, and understated luxury, ensuring that every touchpoint with the Beach House brand felt like a seamless extension of the idyllic coastal landscape.

Our solution.

In response to the Beach House brief, we devised a brand identity that radiated the essence of sun-kissed days and tranquil seas. Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s original architecture and its hallmark feature—expansive windows framing picturesque beach vistas—we crafted a distinctive arch-based design that echoed both the building’s historic charm and the natural beauty of its surroundings. This motif became the cornerstone of our branding, lending a sense of continuity and elegance across all touchpoints. And because we believe no detail is too small, we put our heart into everything, right down to the coasters, ensuring that every aspect of the Beach House brand exuded warmth, sophistication, holiday envy.

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