Geospatial Surveyors

The brief.

Creating a new brand identity and digital presence with our static, motion, and graphic services for Terravision ltd.

Brand & Identity Design

Web & Digital Design

Print Design

UI/UX Design

What they needed.

Terravision came to Easy Avocado with the challenge of creating a new brand identity to help solidify their place as a leading nationwide business that specialises in providing surveying services to both the public and energy sectors. So our team of creatives got to work, creating a new brand identity that included a logo design, print design and imagery. Terravision also needed vehicle branding, a new website and apparel branding design. Everything we produce at Easy Avocado is designed to enhance your brand alignment, help your business stand out from the crowd and better engage with your audience. Keep reading to find out more about how we helped Terravision build their brand.

Our solution.

Brand & identity design

Terravision operates nationwide in a huge variety of unusual and challenging locations. Specialising in surveying for the public sector and energy sectors. Our graphic services were utilised to design a new brand identity for Terravision. This included a logo design, print design and imagery. It is crucial to communicate a brand’s story and unique selling point through visual identity and design, as well as connecting with their target audience. Creating a visual identity goes far beyond just designing a logo.

Brand standards are a set of guidelines for the colours, imagery, fonts, logo specifications and messaging that your brand represents. This document has been produced to help the brand produce consistent items across all marketing and branded outputs.

Design for apparel

A well-thought-out approach means we’ll know the business’ aspirations and goals, and this will help us deliver an outstanding visual story.

Brand alignment

Design should effectively convey what sets you apart, engaging your target audience and conveying your brand narrative. It is crucial that your visual elements align with your brand’s aspirations.

A carefully crafted strategy means understanding a business’s aspirations and objectives, which enables us to deliver a remarkable visual narrative.

Web & Digital Design

We helped create a simple and effective brochure-type website, aligned with their new branding and visuals it made for an effective user experience.

Vehicle branding.

Branding brings business, and vehicle branding is one of the most effective advertising investments you can make. We take our time and provide our customers with a bespoke design experience. We are always full of creative energy and pride ourselves on our ability to produce better designs than most generic signage companies.

Here at Easy Avocado, our team can help you create the perfect online presence.